And thus ends the chapter "The Dragon".

Next week will be a three-day week for the epilogue.

Honestly, this comic changed a lot compared to the original version. Almost the whole middle part of the comic was rescripted to prevent it from sounding a little dumb. And the originaly comic was eight full-sized panels. So a lot of new stuff made this comic.

...People don't think of dragons and beasts as "spawns of hell", do they? I think they're pretty cool, but I imagine that people who didn't take the time to understand, or people that were just air-heads would be scared or thinking, "kill before it kills me"... Right. Anthony almost did that. But now that it's explained, he doesn't mind now. See? All is right in the world.

And Anthony's "used to this kind of thing." You haven't seen half of the things Sam does in his little basement laboratory.