Yes, beginning of the chapter "The Dragon".

I've finally given you its basic shape with the shadow on a cloud in panel three. But the actual dragon is yet to be actually seen. That will come later.

Oh jeez, you probably can't read the name on the mailbox or you don't know what it means. It says "KUT". I realize now that I never gave you either Sam or

Anthony's last names. Alright.


Sam's full name is Samuel James Kut. Anthony's full name is Anthony Brian Enderson. No. He's not in any relation to the Endermen in MineCraft.(laugh)

Chao's full name: Samantha Chao Kut. Yuss, they call her by her middle name to prevent the confusion between the two siblings.

It would be like their dad saying, "Oi, Sam." And then both of them would be like,

"Whatcha want?"

Nathan's full name: Nathaniel Ornaby Lacertilia.

There we go. No confusion.