...I can look into all of your minds.... And I see that Nathan is now the most favorite character....

That and other people are thinking, "Dammit, Joshua, No furry stuff!" Or maybe... it would be referred to as a "scaly"? I mean, he's a lizard. No hair. Yeah.

That leads to an interesting arguement about the Super Mario Bros. Movie. The characters in the Mushroom Kingdom are supposed to be evolutionized dinosaurs. But they have hair. NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Anyway. You didn't come here to hear me rant. Or did you?

The Real Commentary

I love watching these comics evolve from pencil and paper to the computer. My favorite part was redrawing Chao in Panel Six. I looked at my plan book, and in the original panel.... She was just standing there. Arms just hanging and everything.

So... That evolved into this. Waist slightly tilted to one side, only one hand on her hip. I very much enjoyed drawing something different.

....Don't expect it very often though. I am very lazy. Slightly less lazy than my cousin.