Here's a new, bigger page format just because. I think it looks nicer. The smaller panels were harder to put a bunch of words in. Hopefully I won't have too much of a problem with this format.

The Comic

I hate it when I create new designs for past versions of the characters and like the designs so much better than the present ones. Both Anthony and Chao will have to grow out their hair again. I originally was going to have Chao have a hair-style not unlike Samus Aran's ponytail hair-style, but then I realized I didn't want it to seem like Sam and Chao switched the way they did their hair between freshman year and the present.

While I made this comic I realized I had completely forgot one tiny detail of the car. I forgot the flipping rear-view mirror. I thought I was doing so good, the radio, the side mirrors, but I forgot the rear-view. I still have a lot to learn about drawing cars...

Something must have happened with Anthony and Chao two years ago in which Chao had to visit the hospital apparently. It was mostly used as a joke, but later whatever happened could become serious.

YAAAAHOOOO I never have to draw the sparkles on dress ever again!