-He's Just Messin'
-Helloooo Nurse

OOOOH GAWD. I'm never going into detail for a role-playing story again. Reading over Moe's line in panel four I feel as if he's not only speaking of Mr. Kut...
Moe is actually about 75% based off of a real person I know. He messes with people with more colorful language and innuendos but they're almost the same person... I guess.
I'm really proud of the shadows and hands in this page. Ever since I started drawing on paper again I've gotten better at comparing my drawings to everything around me. I wonder if people find it scary when I'm staring at them, studying movement and shapes so that I can learn to draw better. It was really scary when I was learning to draw... breasts. (laugh)
Anyway after this story arc is over, hopefully I'll have a new drawing pad instead of the four year-old DSi I've been drawing on forever. I'll be able to draw higher resolution pages. Even if I don't have one by then they will be high res. I've got plans.