I used all of my power as a story-teller to make this section of the comic. When I was pondering over how I was going to fix the "Nathan's still a dragon" problem, my first thought was cosplay. Some role players (and by some I mean very little) will dress up for their parts, or at least something from the game. Nathan will do so.

So I introduced Kyle, a background character so far in the background he may never be seen again (laugh), to show up and figure this is what Sam, Anthony, and Chao are doing because Sam won't open the door (I wouldn't open the door dressed as a wizard person, even if it was relatively close to Holloween).

On An Unrelated Note:

I just realized it's been a little over a year since I started the story arc. If I wasn't such a lazy-ass I'd have it done by now. (laugh)