Okay, the first panel makes Chao look a little childish, but improvements are made as a comic goes on. I'll probably look at this comic next year and think, "I've really improved. But I wish I had done it a little differently."

Anyway, designing dresses isn't exactly my specialty. I'm a guy. But sometimes I want something new. I've made three or four dresses designed for comics, (the starry night dress being the first, lucky one for Misfortunate Rai) and succeeded with this one. The other ones I had to ask my self, "Oh God, will people think I'm drawing porn?!"

Also, first bare(ish) feet that look good.I was originally going to have Chao wearing trainers, making a witty comment about high-heals, but quickly changed my mind to matching flip-flops. So Sparrrrkllleh.