Now, the comic may have got confusing at or after the third panel, and I apologize and am ready to explain in FULL. Or at least as full as I can.

Because of BORING stuff that happens in between, the third panel is a transition into a few weeks into the future, when there are blood tests and shots. And, as an animal having its first encounter with humans, it isn't going very well.

Also, the text in panel three says, "I think I'll call you May. I'm Sam. Nice to make your acquaintance." For you people who can not read faded text.


Anyway, this comic was changed a bit from the original.... I can't even remember what the original text was. What I do remember was that the last panel was drawn from a different angle. However, this angle became too complicated, because it included Sam running at a 3/4 view and May leaping off a table, so I changed it to this side-view for both. Not only because I was lazy, but because I didn't want to do the anime style "sob" tearlines all the way down the cheeks; I wanted to try something new. Something I could only do with a close-up side-view. The clear-looking tears.

Now, I had seen this in a couple of side-comics; (comics that I read that don't really have a webcomic site) clear-looking liquid substances, such as tears, and I wanted to try it out. I am a NEEEEEEEEEEEERRRD.

Also, the "equipment" in panels 3-5 (3 only has a faded version) are drawn based on real blood-work equipment I have seen in hospitals. With the blood they take from me with those butterfly needles, I could fill another me.

All joking aside, the blood-work equipment and needles were real fun to draw, and I hope the blood was the right color.