We finally start off with the actual "beginning" of Engulfed In The Color Black.

And just as a warning, the tree design is going to change 3 times in the next few comics. Took me a while to get what I wanted.

Anyway, the story-arc begins with May, Sam's loyal cat-fox thing, running from a territorial racoon. The Black background behind the panels added to the suspense, I thought. And the land formation in panel six is a small cliff that May can not jump over, or go around without the racoon catching her.

Also, I realized that I made May's eyes the wrong color. Too bad. Her eyes have went from blue to purple, and it's going to STAY that way.

May's fur is supposed to look a little messy in this comic, because she's out in the wild. But the extension of fur at her cheeks, I might keep, even when she's clean. Yeah.