Behold! Nathan's first video game experience! They're all playing some variation of Super Smash Bros. (copyright NINTENDO). And, ironically, the newbie is a better player than a guy who has been playing VGs all his life, but this is from pressing random buttons with no order.(laugh)


The part about Donkey Kong(also copyright NINTENDO) is all true. I've actually done what Nathan is doing in this comic page. Trouble was, I was about four years old when I did that. Then, my gaming career began!


After I got a GAMEBOY ADVANCE when I turned five or six. Which I still have. WHEE! RETRO-NESS has begun to be an obsession for me. I've been playing old GAMEBOYCOLOR games such as Pokemon CRYSTAL and SMB4. And, I've begun playing the GBA version of MORTAL KOMBAT. I'm such a nerd.


And, to make a long story short, I beat my older sister and her friend with giant Donkey Kong's wrath. WHEE! And, on an unrelated note,(almost)Anthony does infact have a WII controller. And I saw WRECK-IT RALPH last week. It was bloody epic. You must see it if you have the time.

Cave Johnson, we're done here.