Arrival at Nathan's Mansion! I've decided he's a rich kid. Just for fun. Oh, and if you haven't guessed, Nathan was expecting a private "hanging outage" with Sam. And now, he has members of the middle-class touching his valuable rich things with their filthy hands(just kidding). But I laughed out loud when I wrote the "ooh, look! Rich stuff!" part. It is a variation of what happened when the Ouran Host Club (owned by Shojo Beat Manga: written by Bisco Hatori) began observing things of the commoners. It's the other way around in this comic page. What middle-class/common person wouldn't be in awe at the sight of rich stuff?

Anyway, Nathan's Mom is a combonation of Al Borland's mom (Home Improvement) and that one guy's mom from The Big Bang Theory. I can't remember his name, but I'm sure he was the only non-doctor in the show. And, Nathan's mom is afraid of her only son being homosexual. His mother is kind of odd.

And before I forget, the frozen Nathan turned out kinda awesome, don't you agree?